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With a dual degree in philosophy and applied physics, I am a philosopher and a scientist. My research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of philosophy of science, philosophy of computation, metaphysics, and applied ethics. In philosophy of science I work on unification, explanation and model-based science. In philosophy of physics I investigated space-time models of unified field theories, the philosophical assumptions of quantum gravity (string theory and especially string dualities). I have research interest in the metaphysics of time and causation. I specialized in the philosophical aspects of cognitive sciences, computation and numerical simulations, machine learning, and evolutionary computation.

I teach and conduct research on topics that have a major impact on our world and on how we pass it to future generations: philosophy of computation and information (mainly AI), philosophy of emerging technologies, foundations of space-time theories (including quantum gravity), as well as topics such as ‘laws of nature’, ‘models’, ‘perspectival realism’, ‘trust’, and ‘unification’. I have recently been investigating computational ethics (or ‘machine ethics’) and models of artificial moral agency based on machine learning. I have tackled the ethical implications of emergent technologies and the practice of contemporary science. See my Research page and a list of recent Talks.

Recently I have taught courses in philosophy, logic, and general humanities in the Philosophy Department at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley; in the Honors and the Master of Liberal Arts and Science programs, at the University of North Carolina, Asheville; and in the Philosophy and Religion Department at the Western Carolina University. See the comprehensive list of classes on my Teaching page.